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Honey Bee Swarms

Here at Woodland Bees we do not normally provide a swarm collection service.  If you think you have a swarm of bees that needs to be saved and removed, the best option is to contact your local Beekeeping Association. Most Associations have teams of volunteers who are happy to remove swarms as long as it is safe to do so. In Carmarthenshire you can contact the Carmarthen & District BKA or the East Carmarthen BKA. For others areas in Wales and general information on swarms, the Welsh Beekeepers' Association Website will be helpful.

Swarm of bees in a tree.jpg

We do not normally collect swarms. This is because we are a full-time professional business and so our  time is usually committed in advance, especially during the main beekeeping season, which runs from the beginning of May through to the end of July. However, if the swarm is in the St Clears or Meidrim areas of Carmarthenshire, we may be able to help, if we are available - you can check by telephoning us.


Here in West Wales the main swarm season runs from mid-May to mid-July. Honey bees can live naturally (usually within cavities in trees or other suitable spaces) or they are kept in bee hives by beekeepers. They live in large family groups. Swarming is a natural process which allows honey bees to reproduce by establishing a new family group in a new location. Honey bee swarms are not usually dangerous but you should keep well away from a swarm and seek help and advice.

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